“I am blown away. I thought nothing could be better than Ready or Not (the first book), and you have outdone yourself! I am crying thinking about how much I needed this book 10 years ago.”
- Adoptive Mom

30-Day Discovery for Battle-Weary Parents

A journey through scripture for parenting in crisis

  • Daily Devotion

    Daily Devotion

    Using a daily scripture as a starting point, Pam shares openly about her journey as a mom of children from hard places in easy-to-grasp daily devotions that guide families toward the heart of God in the midst of the hard places within their family.

  • Additional Scripture Study

    Additional Scripture Study

    A successful journey of parenting children from hard places requires the Word as its foundation. Each day has additional scripture study to allow readers to dive into the biblical principles around caring for children in the midst of crisis.

  • Prayer Starter

    Prayer Starter

    Sometimes the hardest part of praying is finding the words to say, especially in hard and heart-breaking moments. Each day includes a prayer starter to help guide readers into open conversation with God about their struggles, concerns and fears.

  • Contemplative Questions

    Contemplative Questions

    Engaging questions for individuals, couples or small groups to help them evaluate their fears and frustrations as they journey with a child through difficulty.

  • Group Discussion Tool

    Group Discussion Tool

    A perfect tool for orphan care organizations and ministries of any size to use to engage their families in biblically-centered conversation about the struggles of parenting a child who seems lost.

  • Wisdom for Couples

    Wisdom for Couples

    A resource guide to assist husbands and wives in talking openly about their concerns, challenges and hopes as they walk out parenting wayward children.